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  1. GREEN COFFEE Brazil GR2-3 17/18 Swiss Water® Decaffeinated 132 LB
  2. GREEN COFFEE Brazil GR2-3 SC17/18, SS FC 132 LB
    $4.22/ LB
    Cup Profile Dried sweet floral aromatics, dark Russian raisin bread, honeydew, ripe Bing cherry, medium-bodied soft taste hints of dry walnut and a dusting of cocoa. Learn More
  3. GREEN COFFEE Colombia Especial MC Decaffeinated 132 LB
  4. GREEN COFFEE Colombia Medellin Supremo Sc17/18 154 LB
    From : $


    $3.32 /LB

    The favorite quaff of Juan Valdez®. Folks always comment that Gillies 100% Colombian tastes as no other. We know why. Learn More
  5. GREEN COFFEE Colombia: Certified Organic & Fair Trade 154 LB
  6. GREEN COFFEE Colombian Supremo  17/18SC Swiss Water® Decaffeinated 132 LB
  7. GREEN COFFEE Costa Rica  Tarrazu SHB EP 152 LB
    $6.30/ LB
    The first coffee trees in the Tarrazu Valley were planted in 1850. Here, growing at 1200-1700 m. (about 3,900-5,600 Ft.) the altitude, and the nutrient rich soil give coffee a distinctive intense flavor for which the Tarrazu mark has become justly renown. Learn More
  8. GREEN COFFEE Ethiopia Lekempte Natural GR5
  9. GREEN COFFEE Guatemala Antigua SHB EP 152 LB
    $5.14/ LB
    For the quintessential classic Central American cup, Antiguas are the genuine article. Learn More
  10. GREEN COFFEE Indonesia-Sumatra Mandheling GR1 132 LB
    $7.16/ LB
    In writing about Netherlands’ Indies (N.I.) coffees almost a century ago, Ukers* said, “The finest N.I. coffees are produced in the districts of Mandheling and Ankola in Sumatra at an elevation of 3,000 feet.” Learn More
  11. GREEN COFFEE Kenya Fancy Mark 132 LB Sack
  12. GREEN COFFEE Mexico Certified Organic & Fair Trade 152 LB Sack
  13. GREEN COFFEE Mexico High Grown (Altura) EP 152 LB Sack
  14. GREEN COFFEE Peru: Certified Organic & Fair Trade
  15. GREEN COFFEE Peru: Certified Organic & Fair Trade Swiss Water® Decaffeinated
  16. GREEN COFFEE Tanzania Highland Peaberry
  17. Sample Green Coffee Selection #1
  18. Sample Green Coffee Selection #2

As a small roaster all our lives, and a former roasting retailer, we understand and are sensitive to the cost of maintaining a varied and diverse inventory of green coffee, and the difficulty of moving and storing a variety of 60 and 70 kilo sacks around a business place. We believe we have a solution to both these problems. We are offering what, in the nineteenth century, were called Broken-bag Lots of the very best greens in 25 LB boxes, and the full weight of original sacks. As a professional you will appreciate the caliber of quality that has been pleasing our customers for almost nine generations.
A wide selection of the very best specialties from the green coffee room of Gillies Coffee Co., America’s specialty coffee treasure, is now yours for the choosing in individual boxes, single-bag lots, and trailer-loads too. Here’s your chance to buy the very best green quality, in less green quantity, and make more green in return.
A Note About Shipping & Handling
Our green coffee prices include delivery within the continental 48 United States. We may break up single origin sack purchases into cartons to make life easier for FedEx drivers (we will pack the original burlap sack in with the coffee). Multiple sack shipments will be palletized and shrink-wrapped at no additional cost. The receiver of palletized goods must have a loading dock, or materials-handling equipment to avoid excess handling charges from the freight carrier.



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