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Gillies Coffee Company –
Est. 1840 - New York

Gillies is a family owned & operated
Brooklyn, New York enterprise.

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Branding is a hot topic on today's business scene. More Americans recognize corporate badges and names than recognize national flags. Close your eyes and try to recall the flag of The Netherlands, Kenya or Portugal. Now think of the Golden Arches trademark of McDonald's, or the logos of Coca Cola and IBM. See what we mean? Branding has power.

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Mr. Gillies’ enterprise prospered, supplying retailers, throughout the land, as far away as New Orleans in 1863. Gillies set the 19th Century gold standard in American coffee roasting, holding two patents for coffee roasting (1872), innovating roasting with natural gas (ca. 1909).

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  • Your Own Private Label™

    Gillies program is designed to provide you with a finished product ready for you to retail in your store or gift shop, include in corporate gifts, online store, and/or forward to your individual customers in fulfillment of their orders. For further information visit our Private Label page.

  • Hand Tended Roasting
    Skill in roasting is critical for the resulting beverage to please. It is a process controlled by scientific laws, but the outcome is strictly in the hands of man. Gillies is a Perfect Point roaster.
  • Testers

    2 OZ ground coffee pillow-shape gold foil "testers" are available, with your 2.75" x 4.124" label on the front @ $2.50 each

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Gillies Coffee Company | Coffee Distributors and Suppliers | The USA’s oldest coffee enterprise; wholesale coffee distributors and suppliers of best quality hand-tended wholesale roasted coffee beans & custom blends. Gillies supplies wholesale specialty coffee direct to fine restaurants, coffee bars, upscale grocer, private clubs bed & breakfasts and serves as coffee distributors to specialty retailers throughout the land. Founded in 1840, our artisanal green coffee roastery prepares specialties including origin and estate coffees, espresso, decaffeinated, fair trade, free trade, direct trade and over 150 made-to-order flavored blends. You may choose from multiple packaging options; consumer size to super-sacks. Our small-run ground coffee wholesale private label program is the envy of the trade. As green merchants of coffee Gillies offers green coffee beans wholesale in10 LB, and 33 LB bags and carload lots to green coffee roasters, and teas worth throwing a party for. Star-K Kosher certified, with NOP certified organic facilities under the watchful eye of CCOF, the first organic certification entity in the United States ; Gillies is also certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA, Pride of New York, Made in NYC, and Brooklyn Made. This resource of coffee beans for business is a wholesale coffee beans supplier, a wholesale green coffee bean supplier and has been called, "an American specialty coffee treasure." This unique coffee trade company is one of the nation’s most admired coffee distributors and suppliers. Gillies is family owned & operated, Brooklyn, New York enterprise. Gillies Coffee Company was a Charter Member of Specialty Coffee Association of America (now SCA), a Charter Member of New York Coffee Roasters Association (extinct) and a bulk green coffee beans supplier, and roasted coffee beans wholesale company of renown. Contact Lifetime Achievement laureate, SCA, and Roasters Guild founder, Donald Schoenholt: coffeeman@gilliescoffee.com toll free at PH: 800-344-5526, and we will help you attain your coffee aspirations.