Wholesale Coffee Distribution

Mid Atlantic

Mid Atlantic
Offering exclusive coffee sales to retail and food service.

The Mid-Atlantic's best source for artisan wholesale coffee delivering to the coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, over 175 years of experience in making our clients happy.

  • We are America's oldest coffee merchant
  • We not only supply coffee, we roast our blends
  • Take 20% off your first order when you switch to us
20% OFF on your first order
  • We offer over 200 made to order blends
  • Fair trade, local, small batch coffee
Private label available
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If you own, or are opening, a business that sells coffee remember it's all about what the consumer wants that is the most important. Not all coffee is created equal and consumers respond to high quality which is why people in new york, boston, and more love Gillies. We work hard to make sure that your coffee project is customized to fit your particular needs. We are proud to partner with businesses of varying sizes who share our passion for specialty coffee in New York and New Jersey.