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A Delicious Tea with a Difficult Story. The popularization of this tea may be attributed to brothers Robert Charles A. Bruce who are said to have first discovered tea in Assam in 1823. Charles was an agent of the East India Company. He became instrumental in importing tea farmers, and seed from China to develop the tea resources of the region. Meant to be grown individually, the plants cross-pollinated creating a hybrid that was considered undesirable.

The Bruce's stuck with the cultivation of the native variety, over the Chinese import. The successful result was exploited by the East India Company who, through their political influence forced the dispossession of the indigenous people to the Company’s economic benefit, and Britain’s shame. It is believed that injustices as this contributed to the uprising in the East India Company’s army in 1857, which subsequently lead to the disillusion of the Company by Parliament in later years. Sometimes the back story of our favorite things less appetizing than we would like. It is so in this case, but even the harder parts of the story do not diminish the quality of Assam in the cup.

Unlike the East India Company the tea industry did not disappear, and Assam thrives today as the largest tea region in India. Grown at low altitude along the Brahmaputra river valley by the Indian border with Burma (Myanmar) Mokalbari Estate is one of Assam's best regarded tea gardens, producing teas of outstanding character. Russell's choice Assam produced in part by the action of the tropical climate on the plants, is distinguished by its strong malty flavor, well respected in the best Assam teas.
Country of Origin: India

America’s tea customs date to colonial times, and the traditions of English tea service. Today there is a new interest in teas in the United States. Teas tisanes, herbals, and red bush (rooibos) teas are gaining in popularity. You will find a diverse tea collection under the Russell & Co. brand (part of the Gillies family for over 65 years). We offer a selection from some of the world’s great origins and tea gardens for you to enjoy.

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