Russell's Black Tea Blend - English Breakfast Extra Fancy OP

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It is said that English Breakfast was invented by an American. Richard Davies, a transplanted Brit, for his New York enterprise, The Canton Tea Company (named after the tea market center city that became modern Guangzhou) in 1843. He seized on the authentically British sounding moniker, English Breakfast. Unknown at the time in Britain, an American tea tradition was born, that later found it's way to London. A rich, full bodied blend; an American tea tradition, and a British favorite for generations.
Country of Origin: India, China, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

America’s tea customs date to colonial times, and the traditions of English tea service. Today there is a new interest in teas in the United States. Teas tisanes, herbals, and red bush (rooibos) teas are gaining in popularity. You will find a diverse tea collection under the Russell & Co. brand (part of the Gillies family for over 65 years). We offer a selection from some of the world’s great origins and tea gardens for you to enjoy.

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