SCOTT REED, coffeeman

We are only human. We try to stand erect, we trip, and slip and fall, and grab at something and pull ourselves up. Sometimes we are lucky, and we triumph over our challenges. Sometimes we fail.

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Why Coffee Prices Are Soaring

If you follow my posts on this page or check the Market Feed on the Gillies website: https://www.gilliescoffee.com/education-tools then you know that the price of coffee has been going up for a while and is already being felt in Gillies’

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Coffee Skyrocket

There is a shortage of coffee.

The crunch in supply is caused in part by Covid; in part by the world-side shortage of shipping containers; a drought in Brazil; the recent Suez blockage;

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CBD in Coffee

Some of our friends in the trade are telling us that there is a pile of money to be made in CBD blended coffee. Maybe there is.

Dealing in CBD today is not dissimilar to dealing in alcohol during prohibition under The 18th Amendment,

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The Daily Grind with David Chabbott

To be quite honest, I didn’t get into this business as a fan of puns.

I have been working in the Specialty Coffee Industry now for the past 15 plus years. The bulk of that time has been spent canvassing the streets of New York City,

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In the time since Tea and Coffee published my article Cold Comfort in May 2011, which told the story of cold coffee beverages, a controversy over Iced coffee has been percolating. Our friends at Oren’s Daily Roast in New York,

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My Dad had a hail, hearty and memorable throaty laugh. I can still hear it, 40 years after his passing, ringing joyfully through my internal coffee world. “Just remember it’s a game,” he would say,

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In France where a coffee-maker is a Cafetiere, it is a Cafetière à Piston. It is called simply Cafetiere, a brand name in the UK, and likewise in high-tone US dining rooms where some still lift their pinky when sipping coffee.

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I have been learning, and writing about coffee for as long as I can remember. I was a boy when James “Jim” Quinn had taken over the reins of Tea and Coffee Trade Journal in 1956.

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