Gillies FAQ

  • Origin and Estate Coffees
    From Antigua, in Guatemala’s Panchoy Valley, to Dar es Salaam on Africa’s East Coast, and East again to Buenaventura on South America’s Northwest shore Gillies is sourcing the naturally sweetest cupping coffees from the world over for you to present to your customers. Here you will find fabled Gran Cru origins, and high merit coffees of lesser renown. The things these seemingly disparate coffees have in common are the nurturing care and aspirations of the farmer, and the thoughtfulness with which they are selected, roasted and presented by Gillies. Taste the world of coffee specialties at the ancestral home of specialty coffees in America; Gillies Coffee Company.
  • Hand Tended Roasting
    Skill in roasting is critical for the resulting beverage to please. It is a process controlled by scientific laws, but the outcome is strictly in the hands of man. Gillies is a Perfect Point roaster. A phrase coined by Don Schoenholt to describe our philosophy that every coffee has its own special degree of roast that brings out just the qualities that we want to find in the cup. Our roasting credo has been likened to Goldilocks; not too dark, not too light, just right. if you think its kid's play you are mistaken. It has taken us countless hours of small batch craft roasting and cupping to find the perfect roast point for each coffee in the Gillies collection.
  • Freshness

    The oxygen in air causes coffee to stale. Staling coffee changes flavor, and smell becoming less attractive to the consumer. It never becomes harmful to the consumer. The natural Carbon Dioxide (CO2) developed in coffee during roasting creates a barrier around the bean particles when fresh ground, and Nitrogen (N) introduced to the packaging of whole beans helps protect them in the same way.

    Gillies valve packaging will keep our coffee fresh during transit to you, and provide limited fresh life both in-store, and on the kitchen counter to provide fresh brewed beverages for up to six weeks provided the package has not been compromised. Large bulk packages as FDA lined 20 LB corrugated of whole beans will maintain freshness for up to two weeks. 20 LB Bulk corrugated ground coffee shelf life is up to one week.

  • Iced Coffee
    We do not seek the same flavors in iced as we do in a hot coffee. In part this is so because we often prefer our hot coffee black, and iced coffee with cream and sugar. In part it is because we indulge in Iced coffee, as a refreshment, aware that the icing obscures the palates ability to define subtleties of flavors that bloom on the palate with a warmer beverage. And, unlike many of our countrymen, we generally prefer iced coffee to other available summertime thirst quenchers.

    Because the jury is still out on the great Iced coffee question, hot brew or cold brew, rather than tell you the only right way to make iced coffee we offer you a little history, a little culture, a little lore, some great iced coffee blends from which to choose, and leave it to you to decide on your personal recipe for the perfect Iced coffee to share with your customers Gillies exclusive blends
  • Flavored Coffee
    Gillies introduced flavored coffees over forty-five years ago. They are made by blending specially prepared flavoring essences with a delicious blend of freshly roasted Arabica coffee, in a 3% application, and letting them cure overnight. here you will find scores of flavored coffees to satisfy your most discerning customers, available in Gillies Standard Roast™, Rich Dark Roast™, and MC decaffeinated varieties. our natural and artificial flavors are primarily sourced from Flavor Dynamics Inc, of Plainfield New Jersey; an old and reliable supplier to the trade. The flavors they provide to us are hypoallergenic, and Gluten Free.

    Ingredients in our flavored coffee are approved for use by FDA regulations, are FDA not applicable., or are listed as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) Under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, a reliable industry standard. Non-flavor ingredients in our flavored coffee may include one or more of the following, listed here in alphabetic order: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sugar Syrup, Triacetin, and Water. Following accepted industry guidelines ingredients in our flavored coffee are stated as: Coffee, Natural & Artificial Flavoring. Flavored Coffees
  • Green Coffee
    Following the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 2011) and the recommendation of Green Coffee Association Inc (GCA) Gillies is now labeling all green coffee products with the following guidance:

    Green Coffee Should Be Roasted Prior to Use as a Food Ingredient

    In addition we offer the following guidance: Food Safety Notice: This product has not been processed to control microbial pathogens, physical or chemical hazards, or toxins that might be present. Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption.

    As a small roaster all our lives, and a former roasting retailer, we understand and are sensitive to the cost of maintaining a varied and diverse inventory of green coffee, and the difficulty of moving and storing a variety of 60 and 70 kilo sacks around a business place. We believe we have a solution to both these problems. We are offering what, in the nineteenth century, were called Broken-bag Lots of the very best greens in 10 LB, and 33 LB boxes.
    As a professional you will appreciate the caliber of quality that has been pleasing nine generations of coffee proficients.

    A wide selection of the very best specialties from the green coffee room of Gillies Coffee Co., "America’s specialty coffee treasure," is now yours for the choosing in individual boxes, single-bag lots, and trailer-loads too. Here’s your chance to buy the very best green quality, in less green quantity, and make more green in return. Green Coffee Green Coffee Storage Pests
    Coffee is a product of nature, and it moves in commerce, sometimes with unwanted "friends". The coffee moth (Auximobasis coffeella) is the most common coffee storage pest in the Northeastern US. Gillies has a pest monitoring and pest reduction program using pheromone (insect attractant) loaded glue-board traps in green coffee storage areas, and black-light glue board traps protect our premises from other flying insects in non-green coffee storage areas. Glue-boards, cages, and snap-traps are strategically placed throughout the warehouse premises to prevent/control potential rodent activity. Insect holes in coffee are mainly from the Broca beetle which is a significant pest in Western hemisphere origin coffees, and the Antestia larva of Africa. Both these pests leave small drill-holes in the beans during the time when the seed is still on the tree. We avoid purchasing beans that are significantly scarred in this way.

    Gillies Coffee Company employs a professional licensed, and Organically Certified, pest management company, who makes bi-weekly inspections of our facility to monitor, and manage our pest control efforts. As a Certified Organic food handler, no pesticides or chemicals are used in our control efforts. Unfortunately, a professional pest management program, even a pro-active one as ours, cannot eliminate all possibility of potential pest nuisance. A Note About Green Coffee Shipping & Handling
    Our green coffee prices include delivery within the continental 48 United States. We may break up single origin sack purchases into cartons to make life easier for FedEx drivers (we will pack the original burlap sack in with the coffee). Multiple sack shipments will be palletized and shrink-wrapped at no additional cost. The receiver of palletized goods must have a loading dock, or materials-handling equipment to avoid excess handling charges from the freight carrier. Further Reading
  • Your Own Private Label™
    Gillies program is designed to provide you with a finished product ready for you to retail in your store or gift shop, include in corporate gifts, online store, and/or forward to your individual customers in fulfillment of their orders.

    Our www.gilliescoffee.com website is a wholesale business-to-business site. Unfortunately, we can not apply sales and promotions to private label goods. Prices start at $9.99 each for 12 OZ Coffees.

    Gillies ships within 15 working-days from date of Order Acceptance (the date all thing are in readiness to produce your finished goods, your order is in our hands, and paid-in-full (good funds). Expedited service (turn around time 7 working- days) can be requested for an Expedited Service charge of 20% of Invoice. EXAMPLE: An order for 54x12 OZ pieces @ $9.99 = $539.46. The Expedited Service Charge would be: $107.89. For fast-fast delivery FedEx offers Next-day, and 2-Day service. See SHIPPING , below, for further details.

    Gillies specializes in short-run custom work. Gillies accepts orders of 18 x 12 OZ or 18 x 16 OZ BAGS per SKU (Stock Keeping Units) with minimum total order of 54 x 12 OZ pieces or 45 x 16 OZ pieces. When ordering Blend “A” Beans and Blend “A” Ground that is 2 SKUs. (18 each). You can also order pallet-loads.

    Bulk 5 LB packing for wholesale-distribution is also available. Minimum Order 5 x 5 LB Bulk Beans (total Net Wt 25 LB). You may mix and match SKUs.

    Information on custom blended and roasted coffees can be found here: http://www.gilliescoffee.com/custom-roasting/. In addition to the price of the coffee in the blend, Custom Blending adds a premium of 25¢ to the price of each 12 OZ and/or 16 OZ package.

    There is a $199 one-time fee for preparing your single label-set (Front & Back) design for application on our label form. Design services are available at no extra charge. Blend name changes are available at no extra cost. Design, text, or color changes for different items are subject to added charges billed to customer’s account at $85. Per hour or part. Please choose your initial label design and text carefully, as later author’s alterations will be subject to additional charges. The OnBoarding/Templating Fee is subject to New York Sales Tax for customers located in New York State.


    Label Size: Size: 2.75” x 4.125” (Corners slightly rounded) We use Photoshop® on a Windows® platform, and print on an HP M652 Lazerjet printer. Please ask the designer to design the art in editable layers such that we can alter, or move elements as technical needs or FDA regulations warrant. Please bleed .125” on all 4-sides. Any needed art file alterations required to be made by Gillies, including but not limited to templating shall be billed to customer’s account at an hourly rate of $85. Per hour or part.

    NET WT 00 OZ (000 GR) must be large, and centered on the bottom of the label.

    Tell the story of your brand or blend (50 words) or give brewing Instructions (see below)
    Using the coffeemaker of your choice add two level tablespoons of coffee to six ounces of fresh cold water per serving, brew and then alter to suit your taste. Serve immediately. You may decant the beverage in a pre-warmed thermal carafe up to 45 minutes.

    For traceability purposes the name, City State and ZIP of the manufacturer, distributor or retailer must appear on the front or back label. The Gillies name will appear on the back label of the goods we prepare for you unless special arrangements are made to omit it. Back label source information will appear as:

    Roasted & Blended Expressly for
    Wile E. Cayote AZ 00000

    America’s Oldest Coffee Merchant
    Brooklyn New York 11232

    Coffee products without other ingredients added simply requires the word COFFEE to be prominent on the front label.

    If you are planning on offering flavored coffees the following ingredients should appear on the label (front or back) Ingredients: Coffee, Natural and Artificial Flavoring.

    For reasons of insurance, and Koshrus Gillies does not accept ingredients sourced and/or provided by others to be blended into Gillies coffee products.

    Coffee products do not require a nutrition label.

    If you provide product bar codes we will print them on your package labels. Here are two websites that some of our customers have found helpful in obtaining bar codes for their products:
    1. https://www.legalbarcode.com/buy-barcodes/

    2. https://www.barcodestalk.com/bar-code-numbers?gclid=CjwKCAiA78aNBhAlEiwA7B76pxtdcWiwIlIjl8w-PJepHYu2TWg5yJjjWNuA1S7N2LmZgoNLXEtM1RoCKHEQAvD_BwE

    Gillies offers private label Certified Fair Trade products with Gillies listed as the manufacturer on the back label. at no added cost

    Gillies does offer private label Certified STAR-K Kosher products under the Gillies certification letter at no added cost.

    Gillies product images, website images, proprietary product names, and descriptions are the property of Gillies Coffee Company and may not be used for identification, name, description, promotion, or advertising of goods other than those sold exclusively under the Gillies Coffee Company brand.

    We provide NO LABEL, sometimes called “White Label” service with the understanding that in ordering white label products you accept the legal responsibility for product/label integrity; that your labels will be in all respects truthful, and that they will conform to the latest USFDA, State, and local labeling requirements for coffee products.

    If you provide your own 12 or 16 OZ bags Gillies will give you a 25¢ each credit at invoice bottom for each our bags that we do not use in packing your order. We charge 35¢ each for applying tin-tie closures to bags provided by others. Alternately, Tape closures are provided FREE of charge. There is an added cost of 25¢ for each label that Gillies must affix to customer supplied bags.

    www.roastar.com can provide you with overall printed bags in several configurations, in short-run quantities. We recommend that you order a finished sample from Roastar just to make sure that everything I as it should be. Fill the sample with beans, and then with ground coffee; place it on a table and examine the finished goods, prior to giving your bag production OK. Instruct Roastar to ship the finished bags to Gillies.

    Gillies classic12 OZ and 16 OZ private label packages have a hermetically sealed stand-up "Gable" top with a reclosable tin-tie bag closure in your choice of Gold or Black. We now also offer a "Block-Bottom" 12 OZ bag with a reclosable zip top at an upcharge of 35-cents each (available in Matte White, Matte Black, and Kraft).

    Your choice. Just let us know how many units (minimum 6 units) you prefer in a box. 12 OZ and 16 OZ bags can be individually corrugated boxed and shipped in a large shipping carton at an added $3.00 each.

    Cartons will be sealed with “Gillies” specific printed nylon reinforced paper packing tape unless otherwise instructed by you. Plain/unprinted reinforced Kraft-paper packing tape is available at no added charge.

    Your private label order includes FREE STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING to your single destination point that is served by FedEx Ground in the continental 48 United States (we do not ship to PO BOX, DPO, APO, and FPO addresses) unless shipping is specifically excluded in our written quote, as it is when we are drop shipping individual orders to your customers, or when we quote products "at our door" or "EXW" (ex-warehouse). You can see other details of the shipping program here: http://www.gilliescoffee.com/free-freights/ .

    FedEx offers Next-day, and 2-Day service. This is an extra cost option that gets your goods to their destination more rapidly, in most cases, than FedEx Ground (which is included at no added charge in Gillies pricing (unless otherwise excluded in our proposal to you). Expedited shipping costs are order specific. If you are interested in this service please call us for a quote specific to your pending order.

    Drop ship orders are not subject to a minimum order requirement. Coffee will be billed at the 45 x 16 OZ / 54 x 12 OZ unit price. You will be charged an added $4.00 per order (not per bag of coffee) shipped to a specific street address (we do not ship to PO BOX, DPO, APO, and FPO addresses) and the cost of shipping as posted on https://www.fedex.com/en-us/home.html. Drop-ship orders ship within 5-business days. Drop-ship subscription is deemed cancelled/abandoned if there is no order received within any 15-day period, after the initiation of the program, as signified by the date of the first order shipped.

    You may order 5 x 6 OZ samples of your coffee choices for $49.95 (cost includes FREE STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING to locations in the continental 48 United States served by FedEx Ground). Indicate Beans or Ground when ordering Roast samples. Samples are packed in gold valve bags with “Gillies” labeling, and are not labelled for retail sale. They are not shipped in the treasure chest pictured on the Samples pages, as these are computer generated images for decorative purposes only.

    A model sample of the coffee of your choice, with your label, and bag choice, representative of the order you are placing with us, can be created and shipped to you, after label approval, and prior to order acceptance, at $26.99 Each for 12 OZ base-price coffees, and coffee and $31.99 Each for 16 OZ for base-price coffees.

    2 OZ ground coffee pillow-shape gold foil "testers" are available, with your 2.75" x 4.125" label on the front @ $3.59 each. 2 OZ testers in a kraft Zip-closure bag @ $3.99 each. Minimum Testers Order: 25 x 2 OZ per blend. Testers are not labelled for retail sale.

    Gillies labels are printed 6-Up (3 front / 3 Back) on a tabletop flat-bed HP printer, on pressure sensitive white semi-gloss label stock. There is a little wiggle as the paper feeds into the printer. We allow for this by having the art overprint the label edge in a “Bleed” of 1/8th “on all four sides. The labels are peeled from their home-sheet and applied by hand to the front and back of each individual bag prior to filling with product. Application of the labels is pretty good but not perfect as it is a hand operation. The same goes for the hand filling, sealing, and the application of the tin-tie closure at the bag top. You should expect a variation from one bag to another. This is a hand-craft operation, not a mass-produced product (where each bag is as the one that came off the line before and the one after).

    Custom made goods as private label goods are not returnable except in the case of manufacturer’s error or product defect.

    Goods are invoiced and charged prior to order acceptance by Gillies as the goods you are ordering are made-to-order, and customer specific with no sale value to another once they are prepared. Orders are accepted upon payment-in-full in good funds. Gillies accepts Direct Wire Transfer, MC, Visa. Amex, PayPal.

    In no case will Gillies Coffee Company Liability exceed the invoiced amount of the product directly related to any claim.

    Quotes provided for proposed business are fresh for 30 days only or such other period as may be stated in the specific quote.
  • NON - GMO

    There are no GMO’s in Gillies Coffee that we know of. The National Coffee Association (NCA) is not aware of any GMO coffee in the marketplace. The only additives that we put in some of our blends are flavorings. Our flavorings supplier confirms that there are no GMO components in their ingredient pool.
    For an added layer of security buy Certified Organic coffee. These are verified by an independent third-party certifying agency to be GMO free. You will find our Organic coffees here

  • Shipping

    All orders totaling $100 or more after discounts qualify for free standard ground shipping. A standard flat rate shipping fee of $9.89 will be added to orders totaling less than $100 after discounts.

    STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING is provided to your single destination point that is served by FedEx Ground in the contiguous 48 United States (we do not ship to PO BOX, DPO, APO, and FPO addresses).

    FedEx offers Next-day, and 2-Day service. This is an extra cost option that gets your goods to their destination more rapidly, in most cases, than Standard Ground Shipping. Expedited shipping costs are order specific. If you are interested in this service please call us at 800.344.5526 for a quote specific to your pending order.

    Your order is made-up just for you. Orders placed on this website will ship within 4-business days (Mon.-Fri. excluding holidays). You will receive an e-mail, with tracking information, when your order ships. Should their be an event that causes a production delay we will notify you. Custom orders and Private label orders ship within 15 business-days from order acceptance. Carrier shipping speeds are based on point-to-point transit times and do not include the time it takes to prepare and pack your order. Due to unforeseen happenings, such as weather events, and other circumstances beyond their control, freight carriers do not guarantee transit times from point-to-point.

  • Testers

    2 OZ ground coffee pillow-shape gold foil "testers" are available, with your 2.75" x 4.124" label on the front @ $2.50 each

  • Payment

    Goods are invoiced and charged prior to order acceptance by Gillies.

    Gillies accepts Direct Wire Transfer, MC, Visa. Amex, Discover, and PayPal.

  • Coffee & Gluten

    According to Dr. Stepano Guandalini of CDF Medical Advisory Board, coffee is safe for those on a Gluten Free diet: https://celiac.org/about-the-foundation/featured-news/2016/05/9-questions-about-celiac-disease-answered/ This article has a more nuanced answer: https://www.verywellhealth.com/does-coffee-contain-gluten-562352.


    According to our flavoring ingredient supplier, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, “All of the flavors we supply to Gillie’s (sic) are allergen free, which includes Gluten. All of our flavors do not contain any added sugars as well.”


    According to spoonuniversity.com, “A regular sized cup of just black coffee is about 5 calories and contains 0 grams of sugar." https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/drink-your-coffee-black-5-reasons-why-you-should

    Many Coffee Flavorings are made with Propylene Glycol. Here is a link to learn about PG: https://dianekress.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/propylene-glycol-is-found-in-antifreeze-paint-brake-fluid-and-your-favorite-ice-cream/

    A few coffee flavorings (usually those with Liqueur flavors) are made with alcohol.

  • Blends
    Some Gillies blends are the result of the spark of a taste ideal translated into a reality, while others are the result of generations following the blending philosophy of those who have come before us at Gillies. It is our philosophy that patience, and practice, produces near perfect coffees. Their delicately nuanced flavors and fragrances speak volumes about who we are and from where we have come as roasters and blenders. In essence you can taste in our blends that we are who we were; caring merchants in pursuit of the perfect cup. Gillies Exclusive blends
  • Espresso
    Espresso is more than a blend, or a roast, or a frothy beverage produced by pushing a shot of hot water through finely ground tightly packed coffee. It is a host of complex aromas in your nostrils and an explosion of joyful coffee flavors in your mouth. Espresso is an intellectual odyssey to great ports 'o call as Djibouti, Padang, and Rio de Janeiro, with the added allure of the life adventures of storied men as Bezzara, Gaggia and Valente. it’s a tale that began in Milan long ago, and continues today in towns some fabled, others unheralded, throughout the world. there are few times in life where we find something at once audacious and refined, but here you will enter a world of American Espresso™ where that happens with every sip. American Espresso blends
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
    Fresh roast decaffeinated coffees have been part of the Gillies portfolio since the seventies. Perhaps our crowning decaffeinated coffee achievement was introducing Swiss Water® brand decaffeinated coffee to North America more than forty years ago. At the personal request of Coffex owner, Klaus Jacobs, we were helpful when Swiss Water® built their first overseas plant in Burnaby B.C. thereby making the Swiss Water® brand available to roasters throughout the western hemisphere. While we are talking about decaffeinated coffees; our delicious MC Decaffeinated coffees are also something special, prepared in Bremen by CR-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH & Co. Decaffeinated
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability is more than making sure kids in coffee countries have what it takes to grow-up strait and strong, though that is important surely. It is a concerted effort to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. That is why Gillies was among the first roasters to install smoke control on our roasters back in 1953 (it was unique enough to be reported in The New York Times), and why we chose to lead our trade by example (an old habit of ours) being New York’s 1st Certified Kosher roaster, 1st Certified Organic roaster, 1st Fair Trade Certified roaster, 1st Smithsonian Bird Friendly roaster (we are also a roaster of Certified Rainforest Alliance coffee) 1st NY corporate sponsor of Coffee Kids, 1st NY sponsor of Grounds for Health. and among the 1st NY supporters of Cup for Education.

    Because we mean it when we say sustainability is more than sustaining coffee farmers and the environment, Gillies provided and paid substantial portion of the health insurance premium covering our crew members who choose to be members of the company offered plan(s) from the 1970's. By 2023 all our participating crew members had chosen to provide their own plans, and the company offered plan program was ended.

    Surely there is more that each of us can do to further sustain our communities at home and in origin lands. Here are a selection of fine coffees that may help you take the first steps toward sustainable practices in your business. Why not add one to your coffee selection, and help sensitize your customers, through an enlightening cup, to see the world a little differently tomorrow. OFT & RA coffees
  • Further Reading

    Coming Soon...

  • International Export Orders
    Gillies Coffee Company accepts international/export orders.

    Orders for export are legally accepted by Gillies Coffee Company after payment in-full for goods, services, and any additional anticipated expenses in good USD funds received by Gillies’ bank in New York USA and deposited in our account. Should, after goods have left our premises, and all related expenses are paid, there be a credit balance on customer’s account, Gillies will refund this balance in full. Direct bank wire-transfer is the form of payment for international sales. Any service charges and/or fees incurred by Gillies specific to the international order shall be for customer’s account.

    Our www.gilliescoffee.com website is a Business-to-business wholesale site.

    Prices are wholesale delivered prices and include shipping to destinations in the continental 48 United States. See shipping details here: http://www.gilliescoffee.com/free-freights/ .

    Special pricing can be arranged for orders in excess of USD 7,500.

    Labels conform to US regulations and are written in English. Modified or different labels conforming to destination country law may be provided by customer at customer expense and we will affix them to our products. Customer Private Labeling can be provided. You will find private label information here: http://www.gilliescoffee.com/own-private/ .

    Gillies will provide the following documents in addition to our regular business invoice:

    1) A Gillies generated International Commercial Invoice
    2) A Gillies generated Certificate of Origin stating that the goods are prepared for human consumption and are of the same type and quality as manufactured for domestic USA sale.
    3) Other documents required by the receiving nation can be ordered at additional cost.

    Gillies can make arrangements for pick-up by your chosen US freight carrier.

    Payment to customer third-party providers can be made from customers own funds (in USD) previously put on deposit with Gillies for such purpose.

    Gillies Coffee, Gillies Coffee Co., Gillies Coffee Company, and trademarked products and services offered on by the company are exclusively the property of Gillies Coffee Co. and may not be used except as outlined in the Terms of Use found here: http://www.gilliescoffee.com/terms/

    Contact us via e-mail at sales@gilliescoffee.com or through http://www.gilliescoffee.com/contacts
  • Star-K Kosher Certification

    Kosher food certification is big business, as the market for Kosher food is very strong throughout the world. Though the term "Kosher" applies specifically to Jewish dietary laws, other religious and secular groups have a dietary regimen much akin to that of Judaism. Kosher products appeal to the Islamic world, vegetarians, Seventh Day Adventists, and others, who often look for a Kosher symbol on the foods they purchase. Many savvy retailers are aware of the added value that Kosher Certification brings to the goods they sell, and choose the goods they offer for sale in part because they bear a strong Kosher Certification.

    STAR-K Kosher Certification https://www.star-k.org is a leader in the international world of kosher certification providing strict Orthodox kosher supervision for more than a half-century.

    Gillies Coffee Company has been Certified Kosher by STAR-K for decades. All our coffee products are Star-K Kosher for use throughout the year. Our Regular and Decaffeinated coffees are Certified Kosher For Passover each year. Flavored coffees (certified Kosher for year-round use) are not Certified Kosher for Passover use, and are not manufactured or sold during the Passover holiday period. You will find a copy of our Kosher Certified letter here. For more on Coffee and Koshrus see coffeeman, Donald Schoenholt’s article on the subject here.

  • Samples

    Your Choice of 5 delicious roast coffee specialties, 6 OZ each. Beans or Ground. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING See https://www.gilliescoffee.com/faq for Shipping Program details. The Samples do not ship in the "chest" which is a computer generated decorative image for display purposes only.

  • Returns

    You may request to return unopened goods. Call 718-499-7766, or e-mail us at office@gilliescoffee.com to make arrangement for a return, refund or exchange within 30 days from Invoice. Please have your original Order Number available when you call. Custom made and Private Label goods may be returned only in the case of manufacturer’s error, or product defect.

    We will help find and send you a different item (of the same value or less) or refund the cost of the coffee you received. Refunds will be applied to the same payment method used when you made the purchase

  • Quote Expiration

    Quote expires in 30 days.

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