Russell's Black Tea Blend - Masala Chai

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Chai comes originally from the Mandarin Chinese chá (茶) meaning "tea". Masala Chai is a development of early English efforts to increase India's home tea consumption. The people of india liked their tea, but not the English way. They added their own spices, dairy products, often buffalo milk, and sweeteners such as blond or brown sugars, jaggery, an unprocessed raw sugar product used in rural India, or honey, and Masala Chai was born. It became popular in the US in the 1980's, and is a regular menu feature in most American coffee bars. Russell's Masala Chai is a spiced tea blend with ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger and vanilla enhance this fine black tea blend.
Country of Origin: India

America’s tea customs date to colonial times, and the traditions of English tea service. Today there is a new interest in teas in the United States. Teas tisanes, herbals, and red bush (rooibos) teas are gaining in popularity. You will find a diverse tea collection under the Russell & Co. brand (part of the Gillies family for over 65 years). We offer a selection from some of the world’s great origins and tea gardens for you to enjoy.

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