Skill in roasting is critical for the resulting beverage to please. It is a process controlled by scientific laws, but the outcome is strictly in the hands of man.

Gillies is a "Perfect Point" roaster. We believe that every coffee has its own special degree of roast that brings out just the qualities that we want to find in the cup. Our roasting credo has been likened to Goldilocks; Not too dark, not too light, just right. If you think its kid's play you are mistaken. It has taken us countless hours of small batch craft roasting and cupping to find the perfect roast point for each coffee in the Gillies collection.

There are many terms used to describe degree-of-roast. We have simplified things. Gillies production roasts are one of four color groups. Gillies Standard, Rich Dark II, Rich Dark III, Rich Dark IV. All but one of our products are in the first three groups. As for taste, even our boldest selections are civilized. They are presented to you tamed for the discerning palate. Some of our selection is correctly "rare" even "exotic," but they are never "wild". DNS, Coffeeman