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Rich Dark Roast™ Pumpkin Spice
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Rich Dark Roast™ Pumpkin Spice

The first Thanksgiving in Plimouth, had a very different feasting menu than the one we enjoy today. Food historians say that the Pilgrims, and their guests may have enjoyed a pumpkin custard from a pumpkin shell that was baked in the hot coals of their fires. By 1844 pumpkin pie had a place at the traditional New England Thanksgiving table, and appears in the Thanksgiving poem, Over The River And Through The Wood, by Linda Maria Child.

However our country’s pumpkin tradition began, the taste of pumpkin and New England spices has become an American Autumn tradition, that in recent years has found its way into coffee beverages. Gillies Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee has been a favorite for a good while now, so much so that our Fall favorite has become a year-round best seller. Pumpkin flavoring juiced with seasonal nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. -DNS, coffeeman

Roast: Rich Dark Roast

Ingredients: Coffee, Natural & Artificial Flavoring

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