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Norwegian Wood™ Blend
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Norwegian Wood™ Blend

In my father’s youth, he made a coffee called Norway House, a blend of light and dark coffees blended after roasting. The label was adorned with a Viking knar, the name the Norse gave to their sturdy ocean-going vessels. It’s was a good bracing coffee coming in from the bite of a cold winter’s day.

As a boy I liked the black & white label with its old style lettering (which I have tried to reproduce below) with the sturdy craft sailing by, but sales of this, as of many old blends were beaten up in the 60’s and by the mid 70’s I thought it was time to retire it. My partner, Hy Chabbott, suggested instead a name change. He said, “Try Norwegian Wood.” We tried the name change, sales were bouyed, and NorWood went, well, sailing along. Norwegian Wood™ has remained steady as she goes among our most popular blends for decades.

NW has a flavor hint of allspice, dried cranberry & cedar smoke. The Chicago Tribune lauded this brew as, "the one that kept them coming back for more." A house favorite since 1976.


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