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Italian Blend
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Italian Blend

In the North of Italy, from Turino to Trieste, local coffee customs are to roast light. Some, as the firm of my friend Dr. Ernesto Illy, who passed away in 2008, roast lighter than standard American roasts. As you travel South, down the boot of Italy, darker coffee traditions take over. Gillies' Italian Blend is of the style found in the South around Messina; a rich black-ebony brown, with full natural oils glistening on the bean surface.  

We have chosen sweet mellow Brazils with just a hint of dry nut shell and mature off-the-green Centrals for our blend. The espresso cup has a robust quality with burnished brown musky flavors, and the sweet pungent aire of dried peaches. The darker roast brings out a chestnut complexity in the blend. You'll find vanilla and something of almond in the finish. Italian Blend is an excellent platform for the steamed-milk based espresso beverages that have become so popular in The States in the last 20 years. Rich Dark Roast™ -DNS

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